Monday, June 13, 2011

Outfit Post: Mama's Girl

This weekend my parents came to town...they had been vacationing in Southern Virginia and came to stay with us for the weekend.  Of course, this meant planning lots of yummy meals and fun things to do!

The weather was still steamy, even at dinnertime, but that meant it was the perfect time to pull out a vintage dress I've been hoarding in my closet for a few months. It's a 70s Alfred Shaheen with screenprinted hibiscus flowers. And one of the best parts? It has built in cups, so you don't have to wear a bra and disrupt the "look." (Plus, strapless bras are such a pain when it's so hot and sticky. I'd almost rather go free!)  I can see myself wearing this a lot this time, I think I'm going to try a different vintage belt.

dress-vintage, shoes-Blowfish

My mom saw my outfit and said, "I guess I'll have to go dress up now!" Of course, fashionable lady that she is, she was prepared, and even agreed to take some pictures with me!

And one more shot with the photographer in front of the camera....I just shaved his head last week. I'm kind of loving it. 

We had a lovely weekend, but we were so sad to see it end. The good news is that we got a huge storm, so the weather is finally bearable....that means Aurora and I can leave the house for more than a half an hour at a time! It's been a beautiful morning so far, sitting here in the sunlight with my coffee.  Happy Monday!



  1. that dress is so so pretty!! I love the red flowers. Oh goodness 70s sundresses make me happy

  2. Love the dress! You and your sis look great in red! Your mom looks so young! Glad you got to have a visit with your parentals!!

  3. You both look good in red it brings out your skin tone.

  4. Such a pretty dress! You and your mama are both gorgeous!

  5. Thank you for the lovin'! My mama IS young...she had me when she was 19! (naughty, naughty. hehe.)

  6. cute mom and daughter! I love your dresses!



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