Friday, June 17, 2011

Splurge vs. Steal

Today's version of "Splurge vs. Steal" is a little different than usual.  Instead of showing you multiple Miskabelle 'steals' that in total cost less than one 'splurge' that would complete the outfit, we are simply showing one STEAL (from the shop) and its SPLURGE equivalent (from a non-vintage store).

As Etsy sellers we get a lot of Etsy convos asking for a reduction in price or shipping of an item.  And while yes, we do buy our inventory on the cheap and then sell it for a lot more (isn't that the definition of "business"?) we feel like we price our items really reasonably.  We're bringing our customers vintage versions of expensive look-a-likes in modern day stores.  So they're cheaper and more often than not, they're one of a kind!  Here a few Miskabelle Vintage look-a-likes from Anthropologie (we love you Anthro!  You just don't work well for ladies on a budget!).

Lovely earth-toned full skirts in ethnic prints.  

Flowy, wide leg black and tan print pants.

Summery woven clutches.

I must admit, our versions definitely hold up against the pricey competitors!
Don't you just LOVE vintage?


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