Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Outfit Post: Date Night, Take 1

I was so excited to have not one, but TWO date nights planned with Q this weekend.  The first date was to my stepdaughter's high school musical production of Into the Woods (She played Jack's mother and she was fantastic!  We were so proud). It wasn't a big date, but it was a great time for just the two of us sans Aurora.  And we even shared some soda and Georgetown red velvet cupcake at intermission!

I rarely get a chance to really go out, so when I do, I love to play with new looks.  I have recently been "stealing" pieces from the shop to style in my own outfits. Here's what I wore on Saturday night:

black silk oversized blazer-vintage, ivory dress-Old Navy, belt-vintage (worn backwards), black tights-Target, black leather granny booties-vintage, ,borrowed from the shop, Gucci crossbody bag-vintage, borrowed from the shop (though I want to keep!)

the vintage Gucci...so classic!
The boots were actually a size too large for me, but they're a little narrow, so they stayed on and were comfortable.  I like the look of granny boots on other fashion bloggers, but wasn't sure I could pull them off myself without looking like...a grandma. This is a pretty eclectic look, but I felt comfortable and cute in it, which is what I always ask for in an outfit!

Stay tuned for Part 2...



  1. Beautiful! Way to pull an outfit together, pretty Mama!

  2. Jeez, could you get any cuter?! I adore the dress and the blazer, such a perfect combination.



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