Monday, April 11, 2011

{How to Wear} Spring Trends: Full Skirt

Sometimes when new trends come about I feel like they fit perfectly into my wardrobe, like a missing puzzle piece.  Skinny jeans?  PERFECT for wearing with all my favorite boots!  High waisted skirts?  PERFECT for covering the tummy bulge!  But sometimes up and coming trends are more questionable.  I wonder...."Can I wear this without looking totally ridiculous?"  In the next few weeks, Amanda and I are going to show you some tips for how to style some of the more difficult-to-wear spring trends.

Spring Trend 1--The Full Skirt 
I feel like the popularity of Mad Men has really played a big influence in a lot of new trends, including this one.  I love the idea of camouflage for the hips--but was worried it would make my stumpy legs look even shorter.  Here's how I styled it:

Miskabelle Black and White Plaid Skirt, $20

A couple of things to keep in mind when trying out this trend:
1.  Pair with a fitted shirt to balance out the volume on the bottom half. (Miskabelle lace shirt, $14)
2.  The taller the shoes, the better!  Especially with a longer, tea-length skirt (like the one pictured above).
3.  A polished pony tail keeps it fun and lady-like.

I think this might just become my summer staple....




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