Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet Sabine

I'd like you to meet the newest member of the Miskabelle family...her name is Sabine.

Everyone in unison:   Hiiiiiiii Sabine.

Jayme and I have debated the virtues of models vs. mannequins since we started the shop.  We've had several beautiful friends do some modeling for us, and we did the majority of the modeling ourselves.  But now we both have babies (and post-baby bodies, in my case) and we're living in two separate cities, so in order to make a photo shoot with humans happen, there is an incredible amount of planning.  So, meet Sabine, my new model.  Like me, she happens to have a sister who lives in Pennsylvania, who you'll also get to meet soon.

Now, don't freak out:  we plan on doing seasonal photo shoots to display our clothes on people!  Part of what we always loved was styling ourselves and our friends to show that our vintage can be worn in modern ways (and to give customers an idea of how they can wear our items).  We're excited that the shop continues to grow and change, and we hope you'll be excited with us!

Sabine had her first major photo shoot's a little preview of some things coming to the shop:

 patchwork corduroy vest  M/L

ivory and black striped stretch blazer  M/L

 white lace blouse with pussy bow  L/XL

turquoise cable knit boyfriend sweater  M-XL
1960s wool mini with belt  XS/S

All of this and more, coming to the shop in a bit!


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