Saturday, January 22, 2011

Designs on You

Another day, another outfit. The blog title comes from one of my favorite Old 97's songs...I just (re)discovered them and they've been in heavy rotation on my iPod. Rhett Miller=swoon.

I wore this out in the chilly VA weather to do some thrifting and hit the post office with Aurora (and of course, grab a coffee in between).  I love this late afternoon winter light.  Almost my entire outfit was vintage.  It looks like a lot of effort, but it was so easy and comfortable.  I even got a bunch of compliments from the ladies in the thrift store!

faux fur vest-vintage
belt- vintage
dress-Nordstrom Rack
tights- ?
boots- vintage

Happy Weekend! I am on my way to the DMV (bleurg), then back to hang out with my sweethearts and do a little posting to the SHOP.


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