Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our other new "model"

Hey's been aWHILE!  Amanda has been holding down the blog on her own since I've been busy doing a lot of this:
to read more about it, check out our other blog-
No--she's not the other new model!  My title is referring to Sabine's sister dress form, Genevieve (Viv for short).  Viv and I had our first photoshoot this weekend and I must say after a little hesitation about switching from live models to mannequins for photographing our merchandise, I am now totally sold on the idea.  I love the consistency it gives our photos and 'costume changes' during photoshoots are ten times quicker.

Anyway... Meet Genevieve:
Viv's 'everyday outfit'--a 1940s maxi dress that I refuse to post for sale till I wear it at least ONCE!

Loving the bell sleeves on this sweater--for sale now HERE
This skirt is begging to be paired with some thick black tights for it HERE

Keep checking the shop in the next week for more updates-- Sabine and Genevieve are revving up their modeling portfolios!  


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