Monday, January 31, 2011

LUST LUST LUST: Spring Sprang Sprung

Hey, remember two weeks ago when I said I missed snow?  No? Me neither.  Because we had a bunch of the heavy wet stuff this week, which gave me a case of cabin fever and gave my husband a 6 hour commute from work (normally 30 minutes) on Wednesday night.  Nice knowing you snow, but I'm ready for spring.  This is an ode to my LUST for florals, sunshine, bare legs and pedicures. 

This week I'm drooling over pretty 60s and 70s dresses paired with statement-making platform and wedge sandals.  

1.  70s day dress, Church of Vintage, $42
2.  Nude wedges, BILFWorldwide, $32

1. Floral dress, LittleBeeVintage, $50
2. Velvet Wedges, VerseauVintage, $60

1. Super 70s dress, MilaTreasures, $39
2. Wooden Heel sandals, MariesVintage, $55

1.  70s Brown and Pink Floral Dress, dirtybirdiesvintage, $26
2.  Ultra Platforms, nicolasvintage, $62

1. Multi Pattern Dress, theVintageRevivalCo, $39
2. Nude Buckle Wedge, pineapplemint, $36

Can't you just feel the the sun on your skin?  I know spring is two months (ugh) away, but this blog is full of wishful thinking.  Global warming, let's do this.



  1. thank you thank you for featuring my sandals!

  2. I am absolutely ready for spring! Thank you for including me in your post.



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