Thursday, October 14, 2010

Splurge & Steal: Autumn's Arrival

 Autumn is such a huge time for fashion.  I know it's my personal favorite time to shop--there's just something about the transition between seasons that makes me want to completely revamp my wardrobe at this time each year!  This year I'm thinking fun prints, lots of boots, leather bags and of course...all things vintage!  Our shop has some great fall pieces...and prices that allow 3 of our pieces for LESS than the cost of one designer piece.  Here's some of favorite splurges and steals, perfect for your autumn outings:

The STEALS from Miskabelle:
This soft crochet dress is the perfect offset to 
the masculinity of the the camo jacket and heavy boots.  Tres 90's...which I love.

The STEALS from Miskabelle:

I have kind of been obsessing over ankle booties this year.  I really want something just like these...but with a wedge (for more stability when walking).  These boots seal the deal for making any fall outfit super put-together looking.

The STEALS from Miskabelle:

Okay, so it's a bit sexy for coffee with the girls...but if you picture the outfit with the scarf tied in the hair (and the shoes aren't crazy heels or anything), I think it's just enough sass.  And by the way-- that's three designer pieces (Diane Von Furstenburg shoes, Givenchy scarf and Liz Claiborne tunic) for less than a third of the price of ONE!

You can't beat fall fashion!  Such a fun time of year to get dressed up....layers and jackets and scarves and tights....yes, please!  Happy shopping.


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