Monday, October 11, 2010

Q&A's Vintage/DIY Wedding Celebration, Part I

I can't believe it's been over a week since we had both our families and friends in our backyard on the most gorgeous fall day to celebrate (finally!) our marriage. After months and months of planning, of course, the time flew by. Not everything went exactly as planned (does it ever?), but for Q and me, it was the perfect day.

I'm a writer (I know, sometimes it's hard to tell from this blog, but I don't get as much practice in as I used to! And fiction is my first love anyway) and so is Q, although we work "real" jobs on the side. We love books and words and we have a little nerdy streak, so part of our theme (besides vintage) was language-related--we're Q&A, so how could we resist?

 I couldn't sleep, so I got up at 5am, made some coffee, and put together these boutonnieres with some flowers and vintage fabric.

 Our sign-in/welcome table

 The schedule for the evening, all typed up for our guests

 The Guestbook Tree, hand-drawn by Jayme

 Little vintage touches in unexpected places
 The table, with handmade place cards/holders

 Eclectic vintage items made up the centerpieces

 Card and "DJ" station

 I had to create an ampersand Scrabble tile on a that blasphemous?

 The cake and candy mom, Jayme and I made all the cupcakes/cake and Jayme and I made the sign to hang on the table.
 Q and I as Lego people...and candy Legos for a whimsical touch!

 mmmm....the hor d'oeuvres table, courtesy of Mom and Dad

 View of the beverage station/patio (and the handsome bro-in-law's shoes and trousers!)

The view once the sun went down

 A shadowbox made by Q with his woodcutting skills

There are about a bazillion pictures (there really were people there too!), but I'll be back with Part II to share more details of our awesome day.  In the meantime, I'm planning another big vintage-inspired shindig:  Jayme's Baby Shower!  It's so much less stressful (and more fun!) to be doing it all for someone else.  Even though I enjoyed the planning process, I had a few admittedly control-freak moments that probably made Q slightly question our union...although, like the amazing husband he is, he would never admit it.

Until next time--thanks for reading. 


  1. So charming ! Absolutely love it. :) And congratz !

  2. Actually...that's Andrew holding the brewsky!! (not Q) some love. ; )

  3. nice pics. cake is so yummy.
    Thanks for share.
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  4. So beautiful, Amanda! This celebration looks like it had so many personal, charming touches--one of the sweetest and prettiest receptions I've seen :) Congrats!!
    (So, so in love with the scrabble tile idea and the vintage typewriter, by the way!)

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