Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Splurge and Steal: WIN IT!

CONTEST: Splurge and Steal!

We need some input for this week's Splurge/Steal blog. 


At what event/s do you want help looking chic&cheap? 


POST A COMMENT BELOW or on our Facebook Fan Page and let us know.




If we choose your idea, you could WIN one of the items in the feature! 


Tell your friends!   Responses due by THURSDAY at 11:59pm EST.




  1. First day of school! I finished college three years ago, but will be embarking on a second go-around this August. I'm already as excited to find the perfect first day of school outfit as I was back in high school. =)

  2. Casual business lunches/ meetings! I just started my big girl job in Philly and am consistently going to lunches and meetings with current or potential clients. I work in PR so no suits required, but I could use some chic&cheap alternatives that still help me look professional!

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  4. How about what to wear on a first date for someone like me who doesn't enjoy getting too dressy? I want to look like I care enough to make an effort, but still appear as if I just 'threw something on' before walking out the door - that just so HAPPENS to look stylish, unique and well suited for the occasion!! HAHA - too much to ask? I doubt it, with you two experts! For the sake of imagination - let's say the date is sushi and an outdoor concert (one of those free DC blanket-on-the-lawn type deals) - Reggae to be exact. :)

  5. - Meet the parents !
    - Girls' night
    - Road trip
    - Jury duty ?? (ha)

  6. how about a (possibly long) flight, where you want to be comfortable but still look (reasonably) good by the end of it? does that count as an event? haha, maybe i just do it too often...



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