Thursday, July 29, 2010

My First Outfit Post: Date Night

Last night, a momentous occasion occurred:  Q and I went on our first one-on-one date since before Aurora was born!  I decided that I'd get all prettied up and have him take some outfit shots (to offset the awful workout/body shots on miskabelly), not to mention, I've been reading so many fashion blogs lately that I've been looking forward to having a reason to dress up!

 dress-vintage (shortened hem) sandals- Nine West  clutch-Coach  bangles-vintage

diamond key necklace-gift from Q

We went to see Chuck Prophet at Jammin' Java.  You may not have heard of him, but I'd bet you've definitely heard him.  Q introduced him to me through our mix cd long distance love affair, starting with the song "That's How Much I Need Your Love" (which is one of my favorites still, and one which he didn't play, sadly).  Not long after I found out I was pregnant, Q came over to my house for breakfast out on the patio (before we were dating! gasp!), and I had walked up the road to a bakery to get us some pastries.  In Chuck's song, Just to See You Smile, the first line is:  I walked 20 blocks to your favorite bakery,to pick you up a little treat/I know you're not an early riser, after a long night on your feet.  Even though the tables were turned (I'm the one who picked up the treat...but also the one who is NOT an early riser!), it still told our story.  In preparation for Q's brother's wedding, he also made a mix CD, featuring a Chuck song called No Other Love, which was actually featured on the sountrack for P.S. I Love You (which I hated, but that could be abother blog altogether).  And finally, our favorite song (and his finale last night) is a little song called You Did, which you may recognize from the end credits of a certain episode of True Blood (he also wrote several songs with the guy who does the opening True Blood song):

(And speaking of True Blood, this outfit made me feel very Sookie-Stackhouse, down to the cleavage!)
It was an acoustic show, just Chuck by himself, so there were a lot of songs he couldn't do justice to without the band.  Of course, those were some of our favorites, so we're looking forward to seeing him sometime in the future with full band.  The show was still fun--Jammin' Java is a neat venue, although we didn't like the set up (since everyone was sitting down the whole time and we're used to standing concerts; totally different energy).  A little lady from Philadelphia, Carsie Blanton, opened for him, and she was really fantastic.  I had a decaf coffee and Q had a couple of beers.  We were home by 11pm and Aurora slept the whole way through (our friend and babysitter, Alison, was so bored!).

So that's all, folks.  I had a ton of fun with my hair and makeup too (which looked better before the show, but I forgot to take the pictures b/c we were running late, so these are post-concert pics).

Stay gorgeous,

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