Saturday, July 31, 2010

Splurge and Steal: THE TOP THREE!

Hello ladies (and gents, we hope)!  After much deliberation and many tears shed, we've finally narrowed down our Cheap&Chic submissions for the contest down to three!  Below, we feature our three top selections.  Now it's your job to vote on your favorite--just vote in the poll on our sidebar!  The final winner will be announced (and rewarded) on Thursday, August 5th, right here on the blog!

Without further ado...

The Miskabelle Steals

The Splurge

Working in an office cubicle (perhaps on a certain hill, ahem, DC) is enough to drive any person to want to spice up their day.  Here, we do it by spicing up the wardrobe.  This woven cardigan is great for the inevitable air conditioned freeze.  The striped silk skirt is playful, yet tasteful.  The cut out heels add some sexiness, but they aren't too high for work.  The structural necklace, our favorite splurge, adds a final unique touch to this at-work look.

The Miskabelle Steals

The Splurge

Maybe it's been mere months, or maybe it's been years, but September always brings on the back-to-school jitters.  We created this look especially for the college student.  The weather is starting to cool down with the return of autumn, but the days are still warm.  This lightweight blouse gives you room to breathe.  The canvas bag stores all the essentials (notebooks, pens, syllabus after syllabus) and can be carried across the body or by the handles.  Penny loafers are making a comeback, which is great news because not only do they look chic, they're also comfortable for long walks across campus.  And back-to-school would not be complete without denim.  This cropped and slightly distressed pair will give off the vibe that you're not trying too hard (essential for that first day of meeting new people!).

The Miskabelle Steals

The Splurge

Nothin' says lovin' like some funnel cakes, cotton candy, and making out on a ferris wheel.  State fairs are the most fun you can have in the dirt.  But boy, are they hot.  That's why a mini skirt is essential for this look.  Cute sneakers make it easy to get around (and avoid dusty toes), and this bag is large enough to fit in all the prizes your sweetie wins you at the ring toss!  We added a great graphic printed, lightweight tank as our splurge.  Not only is it comfortable, but it'll make the boys (or at least your boy) growl.

THERE THEY ARE!  Which look would you rock?   BE SURE TO VOTE!  

The winner will receive one Miskabelle piece from their splurge/steal collection.

Thank you to everyone who entered!  We have so many great ideas to follow up with. ;)

Stay gorgeous,

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