Monday, August 9, 2010

An Outfit and An Update

Well, hello, hello...

It's been a little while since we've blogged here.  J was on vacation in the great state of Vermont, and there's not much I can do without her (since our office is pretty much her house).  We kind of have Miskabelly on the brain, since it will be launching very, very soon.  But we still have so many awesome pieces to post to the SHOP

Speaking of awesome items, the winner for our Splurge/Steal Outfit was "Unique at Work."  Halley, who suggested the look, has $25 Miskabelle spending money for receiving the most votes.  Congrats, lady!

Also new:  If you look on the sidebar, you'll notice a new little item--a BUTTON, which you can copy and paste onto your own blog (and we'd love it if you would!) to show some Miskabelle love.

Okay, so that this post wasn't totally textual, I am posting tonight's out-to-dinner outfit.  It's not totally vintage, nor is it totally great, but I'm learning to use our new camera, and I'm also getting used to taking pictures of myself (it's great motivation for losing the baby weight) and it also motivates me to actually get dressed (instead of living in my workout clothes/PJ's).

navy dress- J. Crew (thrifted), gray suede belt-vintage, navy gummy wedges-vintage

I absolutely adore criss-cross backs on dresses--I think showing your back has a subtle sex appeal to it. It's not shown in this picture, but the dress also has pockets. I got these 70s wedges on Etsy (one of my first Etsy vintage purchases!).  My hair got a little messed up for the picture (Q didn't tell me my bangs were effed up! And my highlights in the first pic look like a huge streak when they're not.)  I'll get better at this, I swear. 

We head to the beach this weekend for a WHOLE week, and I can't wait!  My pasty skin could use a little sun, and I may have some cute, beachy looks to share.  Or I may just avoid technology altogether (except when I have to, and return to you refreshed and ravishing.  Yes, that sounds good...

Stay gorgeous,

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