Friday, July 23, 2010

Splurge and Steal: Party Girl

Summertime is notorious for being party time.  Even if you don't get the whole summer off like back in the day (though if you're a teacher, or some other seasonal professional:  lucky you!), the days are longer, which means we can stay out later.  And the warm air means lightweight fashion essentials.  This week's Splurge and Steal will dress you for three parties--you'll get three Miskabelle vintage pieces for less than the price of one designer piece!

THE STEALS from Miskabelle:


Summer seems to be THE season for babies and brides.  This faux wrap dress is lightweight and breezy, and the maryjanes are a true ladylike touch.  The tooled flowers on the bag complement the floral print of the dress.  The chain wrap watch is the final touch, a mix of hard (chains) and soft (delicate gold and silver).

The STEALS from Miskabelle:


The romper is a Miskabelle Redesign--the top used to be like a short-sleeved blouse, but instead we turned it strapless (to give the shoulders and clavicle better access to the sun).  The crossbody bag is great for a party to keep your hands free, and for when the evening gets chilly, there's nothing like a vintage jean jacket.  The shoes are my favorite, even at this designer price (and may be my own personal splurge for Fall).

THE STEALS from Miskabelle:


Leather has been a surprisingly staple in some of the most hip summer wardrobes.  We've also been seeing the comeback of the cowboy boot in a way that is more uptown than bohemian.  The clutch is ideal for an evening out.  The splurge, a flirty, ruffly top balances out the rougher elements of the outfit.  Sexy and sweet.

We hope some of these looks have inspired you--and also reminded you that you don't have to spend a fortune to look GREAT.

We're still hard at work preparing for the launch of Miskabelly, but we're doing our best to keep up with this blog and adding more fabulous items to the shop.

Stay gorgeous,


  1. Such a good post! You have the cutest clothing in your shop, just wish I had money in my wallet.

  2. i really do love your 'splurge and steal' posts!



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