Monday, July 19, 2010

A little glimpse of our weekend

Just wanted to share a little about the hubs and my trip to D.C. this past weekend to visit the sis and her little family at their new house.   Amanda and I were super excited to be “re-united” (I know…sounds so dramatic.  But ya gotta remember that not only are we sisters that were born less than 2 years apart, we are also BFF!).  Weekend plans included:  shopping (At Loehmann’s—where we found a TON of American Apparel goods, all under $20.   At Forever21—where we found bridesmaids’ dresses for Amanda’s upcoming wedding in October.  And at a giant thrift store—where we found lots of amazing vintage baby clothes, which will be included in the August launch of our new Etsy shop, Miskabelly.) AND eating (Yummy homemade snacks by Amanda—gluten free brownies, salt and pepper chips with onion dip, iced sun-tea,  bacon chipotle potato salad, fresh fruit, etc.  Dinner at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro.  Brunch at our traditional spot—Open City).   And of course lots of time spent chatting and chilling and cooing over Amanda’s five month old baby, Aurora.  It was SUCH a fun and relaxing weekend…and we even managed to squeeze a little bit of business in!    

And if you want to here more about our trip (including a better glimpse at our ‘boys’ and Aurora) check out our Miskabelly blog!




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