Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Splurge and Steal: Date Night

Trying to find your clothes for cheap doesn't make you a cheap woman.  Vintage pieces can make you look classy for hundreds of dollars less than designer store pieces and on top of that, they're unique, so you won't look like every other girl in the room.  In this "Under $100" session, we plan three outfits for three date nights, then add one designer modern piece to the mix (a splurge/steal set up).  Each designer piece costs more than the entire Miskabelle outfit!  In this economy, who doesn't want a great deal?

 The Steal:  Miskabelle vintage pieces

The Splurge:  designer sunglasses

 The Steal:  Miskabelle vintage pieces

 The Splurge:  statement ring

 The Steal:  Miskabelle vintage pieces

The Splurge:  high waisted shorts
I see a lot of designer pieces that I love, but I never allow myself to go there.  Ever since I became a vintage buyer, it's hard to bring myself to spend more than $50 on anything!  I don't think that means I'm cheap:  it just means I'm smart!  I also love the treasure-hunt element of bargain shopping.  Save that money to have some fun dates with your special someone--trends fade, but those sweet memories will last forever.  (And in those memories, you will look so fantastic in your Miskabelle selections!)

Stay tuned for more splurge/steal blogs, thrifty fashionistas!

Stay gorgeous,


  1. Love this ! More in the future plz ! :)

  2. Love this post, such a great idea! The heart cardigan in the last outfit is adorable.




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