Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Re-Fashion: Sail Away

We were blessed to receive a stash of great vintage from a friend of the family recently--lots of 70s and early 80s stuff.  The materials can sometimes be a little heavy and the shapes just a  We fell in love with this nautical dress, but thought that for summer, it could show a little more leg. The sleeves also came to an awkward spot on the arms, so we decided to shorten those too!  Here's the transformation:

We changed up the accessories a little (including adding a leather belt, instead of the included fabric one) to update the look even more.  How cute is this?!

In our shop soon....BIG shop update coming this weekend!!!  We're so excited.

Stay gorgeous,


  1. LUV THIS ! I hope this is in my size / WANT !

  2. this is so adorable! I love the color blocking



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