Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The BIG Announcement: Introducing Miskabelly

This blog is an announcement within an announcement.  The first announcement is (so exciting!):   J is expecting a little one in December!!!  She's just through the first trimester, which has been challenging to say the least.  Here she is (I think there's a little bump there, but I'm not sure...what I am sure of is that she is positively glowing!):

This announcement is a special way to introduce 
our newest venture:

What is Miskabelly?  Our new sister (ha!) Etsy shop, which will feature vintage maternity clothes, refashioned vintage maternity clothes, vintage baby clothes, and handmade nursery decor and gifts!  We had this brainchild while I was pregnant, and now that J is pregnant, it seemed like the perfect time (can you say pregnant model?!) Aurora is also almost at the sitting up phase, and will be our own little Miskabelle spokesmodel.

Aurora Jaymes in a vintage sailor outfit

Here's a preview of some of the adorable vintage clothes we'll be putting up:
more sailor suits!  These are toddler-sized.

so many pretty little dresses.
J has a degree in Art with a focus on painting, and while she focuses mainly on graphic design these days, she also creates lovely little paintings for the nursery.  
Take a look at this set she made for her niece Aurora's room:
Here they are, below, in a little more detail.  In the shop, we'll be offering more animals and other images and color schemes, perfectly suited to your little one's space.  
We'll also sell individual squares, as well as sets of three.

We're also so excited to offer hot mamas-to-be a chance to look fashionable in vintage pieces that skim the littlest to the biggest belly bumps.  We're in the process of many new sewing projects, as well as collecting cool vintage items that will fit pregnant ladies!  I'm also hoping to start a sister blog with mommy/maternity fashion advice and MORE. 

So that's the BIG news.  We hope you'll share it with friends and family!  We'll be opening our virtual doors on Etsy in August.  You can check out our banner already on Etsy's site, since we just set up the store.

More news/pictures/updates to come!  We can't wait (for the launch of Miskabelly, or the birth of another new little model at the end of this year!)

Stay gorgeous,
me, 7 months pregnant with Aurora


  1. SO SO SO exciting!! Congratulations on the baby AND the belly!

  2. oh my gosh!!! so exciting! congrats!!! love this shop idea, too, so unique!

  3. Yay! Even though I'm in no way planning on getting pregnant soon, I'm looking forward to following the progress of this new project. (Maybe I'll get some ideas for the future.) Congrats!


  4. I'm SO glad J's gonna sell more of those pics. I want one for my niece's room :) -Chill

  5. I'm with dulcettamae - I don't see the site relating to me anytime soon, but I'm so excited for you! And I think Miskabelly is a GREAT name!




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