Wednesday, June 23, 2010

(Multiple) Girl Fashion Crush(es): Warpaint

XM Radio is probably one of my favorite inventions ever, especially XMU, which plays mostly indie music.  I started to love it even more when it helped me discover Warpaint, an awesome (and, of course, fashionable) experimental band out of LA that's gaining a huge fanbase. Once you see them/listen, you'll have no doubt as to why.  They're a four-piece band (which used to be all women, but is now 75% women, as there drummer is a dude) with a little hint of Hollywood (bassist Jenny Lindberg is sister to actress Shannyn Sossamon--Heath Ledger's love interest in A Knight's Tale, as well as many other smaller roles in popular films-- and you can really see the resemblance.  Sossamon was the original drummer but left once her acting career began to take off.), and they really sound like nothing I've heard before; or rather, they're an amalgum of a lot of different styles and musicians that give them their own unique sound.  I'm obsessed with their 6-song EP and can't wait for a full-length album.  Below, I give you, the lovelies of Warpaint:

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The video for "Elephants," above, was a huge inspiration for my vintage choices from Etsy.  I shopped with one though on my mind:  WWWW?  (What Would Warpaint Wear?)  I dubbed their look Grunge Gypsy.  The pieces I chose are below--you can mix and match to get the effortless eclectic vibe that these ladies do so well--even with guitars in hand.

1. driving gloves, NiniCocosCloset 2. garter belt, la boheme  3.  oversized hoodie, SquirrelsGoneWild 
4. grunge boots, PleasingToTheEye  5.  gauze dress, LaTigre  6. fur stole, thepuddingstorevint  
7. sweater coat, greatestfriend  8. fedora, BetteBeGoodVintage 9.  head scarf, MabonMoon  
10. maxi skirt, fabledfancy  11.  sunglasses, vintageitemsnmore  12. tank, SoVal

I love the strange romance in this mix.  A little like Charlotte-Bronte-meets-Kurt-Cobain.  Vintage looks as cool as the band itself.

Until my next crush....

Stay gorgeous,

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