Monday, June 21, 2010

Green With Envy: A Summer Sneak Peek

I decided that I want to blog more frequently, since the summer slows down a bit and even though I'm not writing fiction (my first Love), at least this blog will keep me writing something.

I've done a little thrifting here and there, but being in Virginia with a four month old in sweltering heat has not made shopping excursions very easy.  J & I have been doing a lot of virtual planning and scheming. (D'ya like our new blog logo\?? Designed, by hand, by J!)  So many good things on the horizon...

I realized as I went through a little bag of stuff tonight that my finds had a green-ish color scheme in common.  Two are lime/kelly green and the other two are teal green.  I'm excited to put these up in our shop!  Here's your sneak peek, blog friends:

This is probably my favorite vintage dress I've found in a very long time.  I love the crisscross back detail, the a-line skirt, and, the best part?  There's a built-in strapless bra!!!!

 I'm also in love with this long number--the pattern and colors are gorgeous, and I love the double strap detail and tie belt.

I'm a suckder for button details, which is why I picked out this dress.  The little fabric corset belt also has two small buttons on it.  This dress may be a little sewing project--it would be PERFECT if it was just a few inches shorter...

And finally, this one's for da boys:
Gen-u-ine Members Only in such a fantastic color.  Part of menswear launch in July!

Just a little taste to whet your appetite for more fantastic vintage from Miskabelle.  Check out some of the other fantastic summer items in the shop right now!

Stay gorgeous,

(me, with the Katie Holmes bob and my lip pierced, just before I got pregnant with Aurora!  Thought I'd share a photo since it's been so long.  I look so different now!)

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