Thursday, June 17, 2010

Girl Fashion Crush: Sera Cahoone

I was fortunate to come across the incredible Sera Cahoone a year and a half ago, when a friend of mine's band opened for a show of hers (I was there to see him play, but stayed for the whole show...and boy, was I glad I did.)  It was love at first sound.  I had never seen/heard of Sera--she was just milling about DC9 while the other bands played, totally casual in jeans and a hoodie.  I could have hung out with her, had a beer--she was so low key.  When she got on stage, I was surprised.  Her casualness was unexpected and refreshing.  And any girl who loves cowboy boots as much as me is cool in my book.

Sera is awesome.  There is no other way to describe her.  She drummed on Band of Horses' first album, but then set off on this solo career (after the end of another band she played in, Carissa's Weird).  Based out of Seattle, she brings a bit of twang with a band that includes banjo and lap steel (be still my heart!).  Her voice has a little smoker's edge to it, but still manages to be pretty.  She rocks the guitar.  She's basically the perfect chick.  And you can tell she knows how to hang with the guys.  This, my friends, is Sera Cahoone:

I am a super girly-girl, but always wish I could pull off more masculine/tomboyish looks., so I went for a little virtual shopping spree a la Etsy, to find vintage pieces that totally captured Sera's laidback, hip, country-meets-city-girl style.  Here's what I found:

And if you do nothing else after reading this blog, you MUST watch this video of Sera's song, Baker Lake.  Not only is the song gorgeous, but artistically, the video is beautiful.  Totally my romantic, folksy, country girl aesthetic...would you believe that I grew up in the country and would seriously like to live on a farm? (As long as there were good thrift stores nearby...ha.)

And if you're ever in a city where Sera's performing, don't miss her.  I will be so jealous. She's all over the Northwest, and I just want her to come back east again!

I'm SUPER excited for next week's girl fashion crush, but until then...

Stay gorgeous,


  1. aw, thanks for including us. and introducing us to sera. looking forward to checking her out!

  2. COOL BLOG & BREAKING SERA NEWS! I shall look out for her! Love the country western & feel lucky to have a bit of both country & city in my history! I appreciate your including my loved boots & all your creative writing & exposing new talent!! THANKSaMILLION!
    Love, VintageDove@Etsy xo



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