Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT: Let's hear it for the Boys!

The fact that we are both in committed, wonderful relationships with two of the best men on earth tells J & me that we know a little something about boys.  We also know a little something (okay: alotta something) about fashion.  Combine these two passions and what do you have?  Miskabelle is getting together a HIP selection of vintage menswear in our Etsy shop!

Here are just a few previews, featuring our hottie male model (J's hubby!)
Brown Western Shirt
Kelly Green Lacoste Cardigan
Gray Plaid Camp Shirt

Looks just like pieces you might find on the rack at Urban Outfitters, but these are certified vintage, baby!  Once we post our first set of pieces (July 1st!), we do hope you will send your boys--or men--our way.  We promise, we won't even flirt, we'll just dress them well.  Or, bring yourself on over and buy your special guy something that makes him look so good you'll want him to take it right off! ;)

We're so excited to explore new vintage horizons....and coming soon, an even BIGGER announcement! (BIGGER is the first hint....)

Stay gorgeous,


  1. yea!
    my boyfriend and i always end up share-wearing his vintage finds. theres something so comfortable about a nice worn in mens snapshirt.

  2. I love the vintage. Hi my name is Annie and I too have a blogspot; however I discovered you on Lookville and I would like to invite you to my new social blogging site. It is free, uniques, and although it is still under construction - it is groovy. http://www.gottogossip.com/wordpress
    A great place to showcase your talent.



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