Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our Giveaway Winner! And other news.

Congratulations to Sarah Evans (of Evian Design!),
the winner of our very first giveaway!

Sarah will be receiving a lovely package in the mail very soon, including, among other things, the featured vintage skirt and a $25 Miskabelle gift certificate!

Sarah has always been a fabulous supporter of our business--this is a clear case of good karma!

We chose the winner using the online Random Number Generator, assigning a number to each post (1-15) and the one additional tweet (16) for the contest.  Here's the screen shot, so you can see how it works (when you copy and paste, it always inputs 100, but we only did from 1-16, obviously):
 We're hoping to do some more fun giveaways in the future, so stay tuned! You could be a winner! (Well, if you're reading this, in our minds, you already are a winner.)

What else is new here at Miskabelle?  Well, A has moved back to Virginia, which means the sisters are (sadly) separated!  The good thing about this is that they now cover more ground, as far as thrift stores and face-to-face marketing goes.  Of course, planning photo shoots and posting sprees is a bit more difficult with three and a half hours between them.  Thank goodness for technology!  We're very excited about summer fashions (about SUMMER, in general!) and looking forward to more updates, giveaways, fun blogs, and vintage events.

That's all for now...more fun blogs (including a long-awaited RE-FASHION) coming your way in the next few days.

Stay gorgeous,

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