Friday, May 28, 2010

Girl Fashion Crush: Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells

Who would ever have thought I would love a girl whose predominant claim to fashion fame is shiny 80s spandex?  And yet, I'm intrigued.  She looks uniquely amazing--which is a perfect match for the music her band, Sleigh Bells, makes.  Fresh out of Brooklyn, she brings the noise both vocally and stylistically.

Alexis, on stage:
Alexis, hangin' out (with bandmate/Sleigh Bells other half, Derek):
 photos courtesy of and Sleigh Bells' myspace

She is gorgeous no matter what she wears.  She has that total girl rocker vibe going on, from the blunt hairstyle (which I'm trying to get my hair to look just like) that she tosses around like a headbanger to her body that's curvy in all the right places--I guess you don't have to be a stick figure to make spandex look good after all.

I decided to do a little virtual Etsy shopping, pretending I was Alexis' stylist and choosing vintage pieces that would totally suit her look.  I found SO MANY fun pieces!  The shopping is the easy part...getting the balls to wear this stuff?  That's the hard part.
Outfit #1
 1. fringed leotard, paisleyfacevintage  $25
2. skinny Versace jeans, bOmode  $40
3. black boots, 20TwentyVintage  $52
4. gold bangles, BellaSmiles  $50
5.  patchwork Roberto Cavalli jacket, PuttinOnTheThreads  $25  BEST BUY!
6.  gold chain, VintageFunland  $14

Outfit #2
 1. oversized tee shirt, ramblinvintage   $31
2.  spandex leggings, elletrain  $25
3.  gold wedges, reclaimer  $20
4.  animal bathing suit/bodysuit, meldream  $34
5.  gold stretch belt, elyse72  $6  BEST BUY!
6.  floral canvas sneaks, nemres  $25
7. metallic print scarf, ChinChinVintage  $13

To add some funky, edgy style to your wardrobe (hey, you don't have to wear all the pieces at once!), check out these awesome pieces (click on the link to visit the item/Etsy shop).  The best part?  They won't break the bank!   And go buy Treats, Sleigh Bells' first LP!  You won't regret it.  It's your perfect summer soundtrack.

Stay gorgeous,



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