Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sparkly Things

When Sarah of LuShae Jewelry contacted us to review her goods because she liked our blog (blush), I was really excited!  The Miska family has actually been in the jewelry business for many years (our grandparents owned a store; our Dad fixed jewelry and watches for them; our uncle, dad's brother, now owns two stores; our aunt works at another jewelry store owned by my dad's cousin!).  Probably explains why J & I have a thing for jewelry and accessories.

In the past, I've received some very lovely and pricey pieces of jewelry (my favorite, of course, being the 1930s art-deco engagement ring I recently received from my Q!), but I'm admittedly more concerned about design than material.  Of course, if it turns my skin green, then no thanks.

The jewelry on Sarah's site appeals to many tastes, from the classic to the Bohemian.  I fell in love with this little flower necklace because I'd never seen anything like it before! And to me, it also had a bit of a vintage-vibe.  Here are some pics of the pretty little piece I chose:

It was so fun to get a package in the mail.  Even though it came from Australia, it arrived quickly, and in such sleek packaging. 

The flowers are in all different shades of gold, with little sparkly centers.  And I love that the little flowers form one big flower shape.

Here I am, in my favorite gray tee shirt with my new favorite necklace on.  I love how I can also wear it with this simple top, or with something fancier for a night out.

Thanks so much to Lushae Jewelry for this gorgeous new addition to my acccessory collection.  I'm now eyeing a few more pieces for myself from the website, including this awesome bangle and these sunny drop earrings.

If you are interested in having your fashion/beauty/art business featured on our blog, please get in touch with us:  miskabelle at gee mail dot com.

Stay gorgeous, 

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