Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Re-Fashion: Romper Gone Awry

I, for one, am not a fan of shorts. Period.  I was not blessed with my mom's great gams.  Shorts as part of a one piece?  Even less attractive to me.  So the romper is not a staple of my spring or summer wardrobe, though I admit, I like how they look on other people (J, below, being one).  

We've found a few cute vintage rompers in our thrifting outings, but the one we decided to re-fashion was pretty appalling--"short" sleeves that came to the elbow, shoulder pads, and an awkward shorts length.  But with such a bright, fun print, we had to do something with it, and sewed it into this incredible little strapless mini--with pockets!

Available now in our Etsy shop!  It's bright and fun and easy to wear.  And the best part is:  it's one-of-a-kind! (Oh, and only $23!)

More funky re-designs coming your way next week.  Until then...

Stay gorgeous,

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