Monday, April 12, 2010

Everyday Vintage Mondays

Welcome back--it's Monday again!  And the sunshine and warm breezes is making me all about spring dresses!  I found a lovely one for myself while halfheartedly thrifting this past week, but these ladies--this week's Chictopia muses--have me dreaming of filling my whole closet and never wearing anything else!

 1.  LubaShmukler
I love how she's accessorized this striped dress, especially with the thin belt and vintage bag.  The red lipstick totally vamps up the whole look.
2.  chelsea956
This dress is an amazing color, especially against her gorgeous red hair (jealous)! So girly, sweet, and summery. 
3.  kellyshoestrings
A great vintage dress paired with some adorable boots--done and done. I also happen to have a "thing" for dresses with belts and pockets. 
4.  ApeApeApe
This photo is so cool in itself, but the outfit--a lacy little dress with some little white socks and suede heels (a sexy schoolgirl look we've been loving for spring!)--is even cooler.
5.  junebabie
This is another perfect spring floral dress.  The belt and tights make it work for cooler weather, and the red shoes are a hip, unexpected touch.
6.  Leproust
I love how the mustard cardigan stands out against the floral dress, as well as how she layered beneath the dress because it was a bit short.  Knee socks and Swedish Has-Beens?!!! I die.  (My top three spring wants have been:  Green military jacket, Swedish Has-Beens, and a perfect, soft white tee.  So far, I'm zero for three...sad.  But impressed with my own will power--or the fact that I have no money, which isn't impressive at all).

I hope these looks have inspired you too!  Break out the dresses, ladies--they're not just for special occasions.  These Chictopians have styled them in different, easy, and unexpected ways.  You can too! (And so can I!  Just as soon as I shave my legs...)

Stay gorgeous,


  1. Awww!! Yay! Thank you so much for featuring me...I am flattered! You should totally go for the hasbeens! They are well worth the heavy sticker price...I have to literally force myself not to wear them everyday!!

  2. I love this - what an amazing idea. You have a great blog! Great choices on these girls by the way...they are all amazing. x

  3. thanks so much for featuring me! I just found out now cause I haven't been on chictopia in a while. but I SO appreciate it! this is so cool.



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