Sunday, April 11, 2010

Miskabelle On-Trend: Denim

Ever since their inception as the height of chic casual wear for women (and men), jeans have been in style.  Their styles have changed from skinny to flared and back again and the back again, but they are consistently a staple of any good wardrobe.

For spring, denim is a trend that has gone beyond your favorite pair of bootcuts:  skirts, vests, jackets--it's everywhere!  And what better way to wear it than 100% vintage?  Below is a glimpse into the great selection of worn-in denim in our shop!

1. vest, $12 2. bag, $17 3. top, $20 4. skirt, $25 5. shorts, $23 6. skirt, $17 
7. skirt, $22 8. jacket, $25 9. jacket, $27 10. mini, $18 11. mini (not for sale)

Where can you find cuter items at a better price?  And with our 20% off sale for the month of April, it's an even sweeter deal!  Thanks to our many awesome customers this week who took advantage of the sale so far.   There's nothing like steady business to keep us rolling.

More goodies (and blogs) coming your way soon!

Stay gorgeous,

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