Monday, April 5, 2010

Everyday Vintage Mondays

It's Monday again, another Easter Sunday over (this year is flying by!).  I'm still in sugar shock, which makes me feel gross, but sun is still shining and somewhere out there, people are still dressing fabulously in vintage.  I took the time today to choose six more of my fave looks from some lovely Chictopians.   We've been on a little bit of a hiatus with the holiday and all, but with the sunshine and some great vintage finds and sewing projects, we are back in full force this week, blog and shop.

1.  Cazimi
The neutral tones here are great and so on-trend for spring.  The accessories are perfect, down to the knee socks. 
2.  Butternut
Vintage florals are my favorite!  I love how she pairs the busy flower print with simple matching accessories (brown leather belt and sandals) for a put-together but eclectic look.
3.  KansasCouture
These pants really caught my eye--who would think you could make polka-dotted polyester look like this?  The high waist is flattering with a simple white top (anything else would be too loud with these pants--they are a statement piece!) and the simple jewelry and shoes keep it from looking costume-y.
4.  aCullen
The vintage top is so boho chic (especially paired with the braided hair!).  I love simplicity of the skinny jeans and granny boots because they keep the vintage feel but allow the top to be the center of attention.
5.  LittleOceanAnnie
This look is too adorable!  Another pretty vintage spring dress, paired with matching belt and shoes.  The pastel pink and blue color scheme is so girly and romantic.
6.  solitaryconsignment
The skirt here is the vintage standout, but I am especially digging the suspenders!  We have tried them for styling and loved the look, but never have been brave enought to wear them out.  This fashionista shows us how they can take an outfit to another level. She takes seemingly mismatched pieces and pulls together a whole hip look.

These are my inspirations of the week.  I am yet again still in pj's (I've been working from home all day!), but these looks have me jonesin' for a little thrift shopping trip.

Happy Monday, lovelies!  Enjoy the week as you look forward to the weekend.

Stay gorgeous,


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me. I'm honored to be among such blog stars! You made my day!


  2. Oh, thank you so much! You are so sweet to feature me!



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