Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wednesday Re-Fashion: The Good Ol' Granny Top

If you've ever been thrift/vintage shopping, you know this feeling:  a fabulous fabric catches your eye on the rack.  You pull it from its spot and hold it up to the light, only to find that the beautiful print is the only thing the shirt has got going for it. It's completely shapeless. Like wearing a box. No one would look good in this top.

But still, the fabric is so pretty...there is potential it goes in the cart.

We do this all the time--falling in love with fabrics--so we decided to do something with our stash and try to redesign one of these tops--a gorgeous purple and turquoise graphic print (everywhere on spring runways!) by adding a simple empire waist tie in a complementary fabric.  The outcome, shown below, is incredibly flattering.  And now the piece is truly one-of-a-kind! (On sale SOON in our Etsy shop for interested folks!)

Some people frown upon restructuring/altering vintage clothes. I understand completely. But sometimes a piece needs new life to be breathed into it--if it isn't an overly expensive fabric or extremely old piece, then we say: go for it! This shirt may have never been worn again, but now, with a touch of modern flair (and figure flattery), it may find itself a new home!

Tune in for more Wednesday Re-Fashions this month! And be sure to check out our previous redesigns on sale now in the shop!

Stay gorgeous,

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