Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Everyday Vintage Mondays (Late Show)

I almost forgot to blog today because I was grading papers for most of it and it was rainy and dreary so I slept in past 11.  Fortunately (or, really, unfortunately), I drank some diet Coke so I am wide awake.  And so glad Monday is over!

This week's vintage inspirations are random, but I'm feeling inspired by a number of different looks.  I've always kind of been eclectic, more bohemian than anything else, but also a very girly girl.  I see things I like on other people, but can't always decide if they look good on me until I try them (and make J or my darling Q take photos of me in them!).  But there are some looks here I'm definitely thinking about employing in my own growing vintage-y wardrobe.  Here are this week's lovely ladies:

1.  secondskin  Check out her entire Chictopia blog and you'll see how fantastic her outfits are. I love how all the pics are of her next to her mannequin (super cute idea), but I especially love this look with a mix of girly (dress) and menswear (oxford shoes and hat).  And if that dress is chambray, as it looks:  be still my heart--a piece of perfect vintage that's totally on the style radar of the moment.  LOVE when that happens.  And love this gal's looks.
2.  merina  I guess I'm having a little love affair with denim...and we already know how I feel about belting things (every woman should have a waist!), so this outfit has me taken.  The floral dress and black tights (with brown shoes...a look I'm not sure I can pull off!) finish off this lovely combo.
3.  anjalouise  Another blogger whose entire wardrobe I covet--so many vintage looks, all hits, no misses!  I'm especially i love with the pegged, high-waisted pants (another look that scares me personally, pear shape that I am) with peep toe heels!  And the bright colors really stand out here against the basic navy.
4.  mahayanna This red blazer immediately caught my attention.  We used to have a very similar version in our shop.  I think red could be the new basic over navy in terms of blazers for spring/summer.  If you look closely, you'll notice she's also knotted her tee-shirt to one side--and it looks hip, not trashy! LOVE it.

So many looks, so little...money.  But that's another reason I love vintage--it's a thrifty girl's DREAM! (And J and I are both super-thrifty!  We love getting deals!) I have been working hard and plan on updating my spring vintage wardrobe soon as a reward.  I occasionally keep pieces that we buy for the shop, but this time, I'm going to shop with one person in mind:  me!  I haven't done that in so long.  And I'm brimming with fashion inspirations now thanks to these lovelies.

Alrighty, over and out for now...it's late and I'm almost tired.

Stay gorgeous,

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