Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Refashion: The In-Between Dress

This week's redesigned dress was up on our site for a while, and modeled by our adorable friend, S.  It has a unique handkerchief neck and the material and print are gorgeous--but very lightweight.  The dress was too light to be a winter/fall dress, but with a longer hemline and sleeve, it wouldn't really work for spring or summer either.  We decided to take off some length (easier than adding a heavy lining!), and voila!  The prettiest, one-of-a-kind sky blue dress.  There's a matching tie at the waist, but we belted it with our own leather belt for contrast.

For sale now, in our Etsy shop!  Snag yourself a piece of vintage fashion that no one else will have.  Every piece in our redesign section is special.  Just like our customers! (awww....barf. ha.)

More sewing projects, coming your way soon...

Stay gorgeous,

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