Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vintage Challenge-Day 6!

Has it really come to this? The next-to-last day of Vintage Challenge?! My, my how time does fly...my time in VA was absolutely lovely, as always, but my wardrobe here is lovelier. I did not do a great job packing. I think because I was packing for baby too. And trying to pack well, but pack light (not my strong suit AT ALL--it's like: if someone asked me in a job interview to talk about my weaknesses, packing for trips would be one of them).

Made it back home today to my favorite sis, friend, and business partner. Our photo backdrop finally arrived (albeit in a far-too-small box, so we had to steam it. We will never buy from the company--COWBOY STUDIO on amazon.com--again. Horrible customer service, unprofessional, etc.) so we were able to do our pics there! I drove for four hours this morning in nothing vintage, but changed when I arrived home to my glorious closet. The Pregnancy Pudge is still holding on, but some of the more forgiving pieces fit me. Besides: vintage looks great on every shape and size and there's nothing wrong with curves. Though I'd be appreciative of a few more angles in some places...oh well. Happy to be healthy, and to be a mommy, and to have a sense of style that makes me feel my best, no matter what. (suitcase image courtesy of MA BELLE/Patrick Cline, photographer)

<-----Day 6, J wore: Levi's denim jacket, vintage floral button down dress, vintage leather belt, leggings, vintage pixie boots

Day 6, A wore:----->
vintage Navajo grandpa cardigan, black tee, gold belt and jeans (can I mention again that they're pre- pregnancy jeans I was finally able to wiggle into?), vintage cowboy boots (I have a little obsession. Must be the country girl in me.)

Tomorrow is the last day! As J said, in an email: Better go out with a bang! And so we shall...I hope. Praying for sunshine and divine fashion inspiration. And, of course, and idea for a new blog once this series is over!

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