Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vintage Challenge-Day 7!

The grand finale...well, it's not so grand. Only because I picked up a horrible cold, so we missed the actual last day (we even wore different vintage outfits, technically, counting today, we did 8 days of vintage, not 7! They just aren't all documented). I took cold medicine that knocked me out for hours, but even when awake, I was in Zombieville. So, today, we were kind of rushed to get the final pics done because we made plans to spend the rest of the evening shooting and posting new items to the shop. (We now have over 200 items! So exciting.) But here is a seventh day of vintage dressing Miskabelle-style.

<-----Day 7, A wore: striped cotton tee, light denim jacket, vintage pyramid necklace, vintage cotton stretch pencil skirt, vintage wedge sandals

Day 7, J wore:----->
vintage pink blouse over white tank, high waisted sailor trousers, vintage bracelet/bangle, vintage woven pointy-toe flats

BRING ON THE FANFARE! We did it! It's time to party!!!

Oh...except it's 11:15 at night and I can't breathe out of my nose and I took another dose of medicine, so I'm slowly floating away...hopefully to dream of new vintage blog ideas because currently all of my creative juices have been drained. Need rehydration. Enter: fashion magazines, a long walk in the sunshine, window shopping, weekend. I'll be good as new by Monday.

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