Monday, March 15, 2010

Vintage Challenge-Day 5!

Is it really Day 5 already?! I guess time flies while you're lookin' fly (cute for those of you who don't speak the lingo).

Tomorrow is my last day living out of a duffel bag of clothes! I'm not sure I even have any vintage left I haven't worn, so I may actually just wear sweats to drive and then change into an outfit when I get home (that's not cheating, right?) I did some more shopping today and found some fab, fab pieces. Except for leaving my love, I am looking forward to getting home and doing some spring shooting to add to our shop (soon we'll be over 200 items!) and to hang with J.

<----- Day 5, A wore: vintage white lace blouse, belt and cardigan, gray jeans, vintage necklaces, vintage open toe heels (I know I wore these already, maybe twice, but they're the only vintage pair I brought and they're SO cute! my current faves.)

Day 5, J wore: ----->
vintage red dress, vintage skinny belt, trench (looks so vintage, but it's Libertine for Target!), leggings, boots

Two more days left, but I'm thinking of turning the Vintage Challenge into our own version of March Madness and seeing what I can do this whole month with vintage...when I'm not writing/doing music (my other two artistic passions), putting together outfits is the thing that keeps me in the creative zone. Fashion truly is art.

See ya tomorrow for more fabulous and fashionable fun!

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