Thursday, February 4, 2010

Make Me a Pin-Up Girl

I recently bought Imelda May's "Love Tattoo" album and her rockabilly, vintage fashion sensibility (and
fun, funky tunes) have had me scrounging Etsy for Pin-Up Girl pieces, a look which I consider to be a little bit Mad Men, a little bit bad-ass. (Think Back to Basics-era Christina Aguilera). Dita Von Teese is another modern-day icon that comes to mind--though her fashion is often more burlesque and tassel-y than is appropriate for every day.

Still, there's something so glamorous...the shiny hair and curls, the red lips, fishnet pantyhose, sensuous fabrics, sky-high's all about flirtation and girly-ness. Not to mention SERIOUS CURVES.

Here are some of the pieces I have been eyeing up (and maybe asking the Valentine's Day or Birthday fairy for--ten pretty things, plus one for good luck!):

1. Blue Sailor Dress, HollywoodVintageGlam
2. Green Lace Dress, DustyRoseVintage
3. Yellow Wiggle Dress, VintageBungalow
4. Black Pencil Dress with Lace, LightyearsVintage
5. Ivory Beaded Cardigan, BrownBagVintage
6. Pink Trim Cardigan, SlipsAhoy
7. Gray D'Orsay Bow Pumps, FASHIONRERUN
8. Leopard Pumps, Popettes
9. Red High Waisted Pencil Skirt, AgnusDei
10. Blue and White Swing Skirt, JessJamesJake
11. Aurora Borealis Clip-ons, ModGirlVintage

There are so many adorable, pin-up inspired pieces on Etsy...these are just a few that I loved (from a few of our most loved fellow vintage shops). There is also a ton of great vintage lingerie (wear at your own risk!) if you really want that boudoir-vixen vibe. The Miskabelles? We're a bit more least in these pin up practice shots (below).

Miskabelle also has some great pin up pieces, from bags, to dresses, to high waisted shorts! Come on over...or should we say: "Come hither?"

Until next time...stay warm and dry and gorgeous,

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  1. Such a sexy and sassy collection! Thanks for including us!




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