Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vintage Market Team Valentine Sale

Hiya! Happy Superbowl Sunday (if you watch the Superbowl). It's playing here in the background as we're doing business...I think we're secretly rooting for the Saints (only because we secretly root for Kim Kardashian).

We just posted several new accessories in our shop...many of them included in the Vintage Market Team Valentine Sale! We've been so pleased with the sales so far (thanks, ladies!) and they're continuing until this Saturday, February 13th!

We just wanted to take a sec to give our readers a glimpse into all of the fantastic items featured in our Miskabelle Valentine Sale...if it's red, pink, lacy, or silky, it can be yours for 20% off (until February 13th!)

More loverly items to come. Thanks for looking (and loving)! xoxo

Stay gorgeous,

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