Sunday, January 31, 2010

YES YOU CAN (wear vintage)!

People get excited when you tell them you have your own business, especially when it's in fashion. But depending on where you are or who you're with, at the mention of the word "vintage," confusion often sinks in. "What do you mean by vintage?" is a question we often hear. "Like, used clothes?" they ask, conjuring up images of trash bags full of reject Goodwill donations. Or, "Like, old clothes?" they ask, heads swimming with images of wackily-dressed people on Halloween or girls wearing period garb in a school musical or Civil War reenactment.

The answers to those questions: yes, vintage is used clothes (making them both eco- and economically-friendly). And yes, vintage is old clothes (at least 20 years). But there are a lot of misconceptions about wearing vintage--even apprehensions! The best part about vintage, hands down, is that so much of it is one-of-a-kind. And if fashion is about expressing creativity and personality (we think it is!), then vintage clothes are a key element in any woman's (or man's) style toolbox.

We here at Miskabelle truly believe ANYONE and EVERYONE can wear vintage. We may even be so bold as to say everyone should wear vintage (at least once!). In this blog, we'll show you how.

Start here: Dip Your Toe In
Jewelry--So much of today's jewelry is inspired from vintage jewelry, so why not just get the real thing instead of the cheap store version? On top of that, you can find really rare pieces that you can't find anywhere else= guaranteed compliments. If you like jewelry, then you can wear vintage. (Brooch from VictorianCobweb, Necklace from LoverlyVintage)

--The best part about vintage bags is that they are often simple and timeless. Just the other day, a colleague who bought a bag from our site told me how thrilled she was because she hated so many of the bags in stores today because they had way too much going on. We love the soft, worn-in leather of older bags, as well as many of the shapes, both hobo and structured. (Bags by Miskabelle)

Scarves--are still a huge trend everywhere and so versatile (see our earlier blog about all the ways you can wear them). Why pick up something mass -manufactured when you can pay the same price (often less!) for something special and vintage? (Scarf from Miskabelle)

A little further: Dangle Your Feet Over the Edge
Shoes and Boots- It seems like shoes were just more well-made back in the day. Tougher soles, stronger leather. We love pairing outfits with vintage shoes, especially more modern outfits. Skinny jeans tucked into vintage boots, or a graphic dress paired with vintage heels are two looks that anyone can rock without feeling like they've gone overboard.
(Red Faux Leather Heels from VintageRunway; Brown campus boots from SassySister, Black Patent Oxfords from Pennycones, Brown cowboy boots from DaisyToad)

Belts--Another awesome, versatile accessory to show off the waist or adjust an ill-fitting garment into a more flattering shape. Buckle one up over a dress or cardigan for an easy put together, vintage-inspired look. (Belts from Miskabelle)

Now you've got it: Wade in Past Your Knees
Tops--The easiest way to wear a vintage top is to throw one on with a pair of jeans--from bohemian peasant blouses to silky secretary blouses, you can find just about anything you've coveted in a department store in a way cooler vintage version. (Peasant blouse by Soulrust, Striped blouse by Funretro, White sweater by LuncheonetteVintage)

Skirts--There are so many different varieties of skirts, from mod minis, to maxi skirts (for the hippie-at-heart). Again, the key is to pair them with something simple or modern. A basic tank or tee goes a long way! (Denim skirt by SabrosaVintage, Light Pink Ruffle Skirt by DirtyBettyVintage)

Go for it: Dive In!

Dresses--You've made it this far, so go for it! Like all of today's clothes, vintage dresses are not limited to one style (I know you're picturing bad polyester and lace get-ups, but while those do exist, there is so much more to choose from!). What goes around comes around, and many vintage styles are coming back. Finding them in their original incarnations is so exciting. Plus, you won't have one of those embarrassing moments where you show up to a party wearing the same thing as someone else. (Orange and red dress by McGregorgirl, Belted Tennis Dress by ArchiviaVintage, Floral Shift by Miskabelle)

Outerwear--Some hallmarks of vintage outerwear include great prints, fun buttons, fur accents, and classic cuts. A great coat is a statement piece, and vintage makes a bold statement. (Navy with white coat from Kristenskitsch, Fur collar coat from CheekyVintage)

These are just a few ways that everyone can wear vintage...and just a few examples in a sea of awesome vintage from our shop and many of our friends on Etsy! If you've never worn or bought vintage, give it a try...but one small warning: be careful, it's ADDICTING! We used to just wear it and now we run a whole shop. ;)

Look for our next blog on celebs who love vintage, up in a few...

Stay gorgeous,


  1. such a great blog post!! thank you for adding one of my items :)

  2. This is such a great and TRUE post! I am forever trying to explain vintage love to non vintage people. I love you explain each piece and how you can slowly integrate vintage into your wardrobe!

  3. I totally agree with you, so true! It is so hard to explain vintage to non-vintage people. Many more people get it than used to, though, and there are upsides AND downsides to that.

    Thank you for including my 1950s David Crystal LaCoste dress in this article, btw!

  4. This is a great post.

    It is true, we should all wear vintage at some point. Every day, I wear atleast one piece. Be it a necklace, a pair of shoes or even a headscarf. I have done for many many years now.

    Good luck to both of you in your venture :)

    Thank you for including my little black shoes in this collection too.



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