Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spring and Summer's Most Versatile Accessory: The Scarf

Welcome to another exciting edition of Fashion Advice with Amanda Miska(belle). Or, not so much advice, but...some thoughts. Deep thoughts. Ponderings. Meanderings. Oh, and for those of you who don't like to read, there are pictures!!! Something for everyone. This is an equal opportunity blog (EOB).

This is what I love about accessories: they work on everyone, no matter your shape or size, age or skin tone, and they can make even the most bland outfit look put-together.

I have a thing for scarves--they can accessorize an outfit in so many different ways and they take up almost zero space in a suitcase (I usually ball them up with my lacy unmentionables--most of them barely wrinkle. Seriously, the perfect on-the-go accessory, ladies. And gents, if you're so inclined).

Here we compiled some creative ways to take your outfits to the next level...even if you aren't a vintage-hound (like us), you too can do a vintage scarf.

Six Ways to Spice Up Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe with a Sexy Scarf
(Subtitle: I Heart Alliteration Because I Am A Nerd)

1. The belt
Give yourself a waist and add a pop of print or color to a basic outfit, like J does here with a simple blue dress. We're huge fans of nautical prints with their preppy primary colors.

2. The headband
Conquer humidity and look cute while doing it: just tie a scarf around your hair, knot it at the base of your neck and voila! Looks as good with pigtails or a ponytail as it does with your hair down, and it also works for any hair length (how cute would this be to dress up a summery pixie cut?).

3. The headwrap
A little bit biker, a little bit vacation on the French Riviera. This is a perfect, easy look for the beach and a quick, fashionable fix for a bad hair day--which, let's face it, has been pretty common for even the best-coiffed of us with the sticky and rainy weather.

4. The purse tie

So you have a cute purse. Make it even cuter--tie on a pretty scarf and it's an accessorized accessory on your shoulder.

5. The loose scarf
Warm weather is here, so get rid of that thing your grandma knit for you and try a long, thin scarf loosely hung around the neck. We love this bright pop of color.

6. The scarf tie
Feminine and ladylike, you can knot it low and in the middle, or try knotting it tightly on the neck with the ends flaring out. Add some Jackie-O shades, a high ponytail, and hop in a convertible. Or just open the sun roof on your Honda, like I do.

J & I found a bunch of amazing vintage scarves on our last shopping trip--and the ones we didn't keep for ourselves (oh, the everlasting temptation to keep every fashionable treasure!) will soon be up for purchase on the Etsy site. And speaking of the Etsy site, more awesome items coming VERY soon. If you haven't shopped yet, well, isn't it about time you did?

Tell your friends about Miskabelle! We are at 90 Facebook fans and offering a fantastic vintage prize to our 100th fan--AND the friend who told them about Miskabelle. Yes, just like your hairstylist will give you a free haircut when you send two or three friends his or her way, we will reward you with vintage goodies for spreading the good word.

Love to everyone!

Stay cool--and gorgeous,

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