Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ahead of the Game, as usual: Miskabelle Spring Trends!

I would never classify myself as trendy: I think the most fashionable people wear what looks good on them (while also taking the occasional fashion risk), and if, say, hotpants with ripped tights is not flattering to their bootylicious figure, then so be it. Make your own trend!

But in honor of all of the fashion mags releasing their "Spring Trends" issue, here are some of our personal favorites from the Etsy site--both current trends and trends-in-the-making.

Trends for Spring 2009

Current Trends

1. Brights (especially hot pink)

Add a pop of color to any basic outfit. Perfect for getting rid of those April showers (when will they end?! blues).

2. Full Skirts

The perfect shape for every figure: flirty and girly, you can dress down with a tank, or up with a blouse or chemise. The full skirt is also a popular, breezy shape on summer dresses, like the one featured here (that has an amazing tie-up back: check out more pics on the store site!)

3. Florals

When has this not been a spring trend? You can't go wrong with small floral prints in any variety of colors--dresses, blouses, jewelry, easy.

4. Boyfriend Stuff

This trend goes beyond the Current Elliot jeans that we're all tired of seeing on every hip-less celebrity. Try belting a menswear top for a polished look, or buy a huge button-up and turn it into a dress. I love the contrast of structured menswear on a woman's figure. Add a girly or unexpected piece to mix things up. Any of the previous trends would work. (Go get this Miskabelle original top before someone else does!)

5. 80s Flair

I'm still not about to buy anything acid-washed or wear legwarmers un-ironically,but neon colors, bold prints, and outrageous accessories are all in vogue for spring. We like them paired with basic black for a more streamlined effect (because we can't all go around dressed like M.I.A. and get away with it).

Up-and-Coming Trends

1. Mini Bags

So very ingenue-exploring-a-quaint-European-village. A wallet on a string--perfect for going out! Pop in your money, cards, cell phone, and a lip gloss and you're good to go! Only problem: no room for the camera to get new Facebook shots (but then again, don't you already have 300+ of you and your friends at the very same bar posing in the very same trying-to-be-sultry way?

2. Asymmetrical Anything

Stay tuned for Miskabelle designs incorporating this surprisingly flattering trend--dresses, tops, accessories, the asymmetry makes any piece more visually interested. People won't be able to stop looking at you. And that's always a good thing.

3. Nautical

As Andy Samberg would sing:"I'm on a boat, motherf*ckers."
(Do you really need more
reasons?)Nautical designs can be a
little too preppy (especially for
the bohemian at heart), but they are light and bright and can be done in small or large doses. If you do it the right way, you can pull off a whole printed blazer (check the one featured on our site currently!), or, if you're a little less convinced, go for a simple pair of docksiders or a cute anchor necklace.

4. Lingerie Looks

The key here is to find the line between trashy and classy. Anyth
ing completely see-through: trashy. Pretty lace lining all the right places (not the midriff): classy. Shy girls can wear a lace-trimmed tank, but if you're bold, try a nightgown as a dress or a pretty slip as a going out top over jeans.

5. Polka Dots

Fun, flirty, they look good on everyone, and so Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (and I don't know a single woman who doesn't like that movie, so this trend is a sure thing). Another great spring trend is mixing patterns: try a simple polka dot top with a floral or graphic skirt in a complementary color scheme.

What other trends are you all digging for the spring? Post them here in the comments so we can start keeping our eyes out for more treasures to add to our Etsy site! You can also become a follower of our blog if you click on "Become a Follower" (of course that isn't as condescending as it sounds) in the left column!

Thanks again so much for your support and purchases--the first week of Miskabelle saw 12 item sales, and it's just getting better! We're also started considering adding a Menswear section after some fashionable guys in our lives wondered where their piece of the pie was--stay tuned, boys!

And stay gorgeous y'all,

P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there...but especially Mom Miska(belle) who gave us our gorgeous genes!!! Love you, mama.

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