Sunday, May 3, 2009


What better way to promote our clothes than actually wearing them?  We put on some of our favorite pieces, got ourselves prettied up, and had a Miskabelle photo shoot this weekend (in addition to all the other business-y stuff!!!)  Special thanks to our photog Mr. Andrew Miskabelle.

(<-----vintage long lacy nightgown-for sale soon on

We have had a fun and productive weekend....already 6 sales in our
 first two days online! Thanks so much to our first new customers. We're continuing to post more items, as we have tons of stock here at Miskabelle headquarters and we want to keep our inventory fresh for you!  The blog will automatically keep you up to date with a feed whenever we add new items.

(red blouse, nautical scarf, and high-waisted shorts---->)

It's been all Miskabelle, all the time this weekend, so
 now that it's almost Sunday evening, I'm getting ready to head home and recuperate a bit before heading back to the office-grind tomorrow.  I'll leave you with a few more pics of our vintage-fied makeovers (smoky eyes, nude lips, big hair=super sultry styling). More pics on our Facebook page photo album (shameless plug: BECOME a FAN!).

Thanks again to everyone again, for your encouragement and love and support and of course, your purchases from our Etsy site.  We're looking forward to continuing this fashionable venture.  Check back this week when I examine spring trends through vintage eyes and take you on a tour of some personal Miskabelle favorites.

Time to get on the road again.  Love to you all.

Stay gorgeous,

P.S.  We still need models, for serious.  Get in touch with J if you're interested and in the PA-area:  We'll provide the styling and clothes, just bring your sexy selves!  Rewards will be negotiated for your time and energy.  Promise. xoxo.

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