Sunday, April 19, 2009

stitch me up, yeah, 'cause I've come undone.

J has always dabbled in sewing--cutting a big ruffle from the top of a dress to make it simpler, hemming jeans like a pro, turning scraps of fabric into something crafty and cool. In last month's issue of Lucky magazine, there was a brief article about a woman who bought vintage stuff and modernized it--she's selling the stuff at LA boutiques for a hundred or more dollars a pop.

(strapless dress made from vintage skirt------------>)

While someday, J and I would like to retire from all other jobs and just pursue business--and pleasure--together, our goal is to keep our fashions affordable. Nothing on our Etsy site launch will be over $50. J has taken some ill-fitting old stuff and turned it into amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces. Sure, you could run in and get something cute at H&M, but for the same price you could get something amazing that no one else has---from Miskabelle, of course.

(<------strapless dress w/ buttons & tie waist made from old short sleeved dress)

(And when I learn to be more patient, maybe I'll design some stuff too. Most of my sewing projects end up looking about as bad as the hideous lopsided pig pillow I had to make in home ec. I run my sewing machine like I do my car: pedal to the metal. Not the greatest strategy.)

While I'm not as good about "going green" as I should be, I love that vintage clothing is environmentally friendly as well. Shopping at our Etsy site is doing something good for yourself...and for the world. Okay, and for us too.

(sheer cardigan made from old 70s dress (my favorite)------------>)

The pictures here are some previews of the refurbished pieces. One of the hardest parts about shopping and styling is that everything looks so great that we want to keep it for ourselves! We each indulged in one or two pieces, but are saving the best stuff for the launch.

Thanks to all of our Facebook fans and Chictopia friends for showing love--the excitement keeps building! Tell your friends...then they tell two people...and they tell two people: Miskabelle World Domination (in vintage fashion, at least).

Stay gorgeous (and enjoy the gorgeous weather! yay spring!),

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