Thursday, April 16, 2009

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

We've been busy little bees this week! We spent sun up to sun down on Tuesday shopping at thrift and antique stores, then styling outfits and photographing the goods--and we're STILL not done! But we're getting closer and we're so excited for the launch of our Etsy site!

(<---vintage T, white leather bag and loafers)

Modeling must truly be exhausting--though J reminded me that the models aren't also doing all their own hair, makeup, styling and photography! We have to enlist some of our beautiful friends from now on. Fortunately we weren't too exhausted to catch a show in the evening with our friend (and soon-to-be Miskabelle model) S. Jonatha Brooke was amazing (the link is to her site--I'm pretty sure you can stream almost all her albums, and the effort is well worth it; J and I are especially fans of Steady Pull), and we got to sit front row and center. She is absolutely gorgeous--of course way more than that, she's a way-talented singer/songwriter and the show was fantastic. She talked to us from the stage like we were her new best friends, and we got pictures with her after, and she signed all of our goodies. We're still going through concert withdrawal.

(<------the gorgeous Jonatha Brooke)

It's been a good week. Looks like the rain has stopped (finally) so maybe we can get some sunshiney photos soon. Or at the very least, we can stop carrying our umbrellas everywhere--they totally ruin the look. Who's ready for spring? These girls.

(vintage dress, red belt-------------------------->)

Signing off for now, but keep coming back to the blog for more previews of the goods, and more updates from behind-the-scenes at Miskabelle, your new favorite spot for online shopping--we promise.

Stay gorgeous,

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