Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome to Miskabelle: Smart Girl Fashion

What is Miskabelle?

We're sisters--a writer and a visual artist who love fashion, especially vintage fashion, and wanted to merge all of our interests into an online vintage store for girls like us.

What do you mean by "girls like us?"

For us, fashion has always been about creativity--not about having the latest brand name thing out of a magazine (though at times, a hideous-but-ridiculously-comfy pair of Ugg boots might be more than we can resist). We like to mix vintage pieces with modern pieces for an eclectic look--who wants to be caught wearing the same exact thing as someone else? We love to shop, but don't have unlimited funds: vintage shopping proves not only to be a fun treasure hunt, but also easy on the wallet. "And in these difficult economic times..."

What kind of stuff can we expect to find on your site (

Summer is coming, so expect lots of breezy dresses and skirts, leather bags, sweet printed blouses, and accessories (for all seasons). The picture above is a preview of some pieces that will go on sale in the site's launch. We have also started working on some refurbished vintage styles--taking a gorgeous vintage-printed dress in a less-than-flattering shape and updating it. And as we get in the swing of things, expect to see some handcrafted, personalized gifts and crafts, all Vintage-inspired as well.

Where did you get the name Miskabelle?

Miska=our last names (maiden name for one of us). "Belle" is French for beautiful, and we both like the French language and both like to think we're beautiful, so we combined the two and our shop name was born.

When will we be able to start shopping?!

Miskabelle will be launching the first week of May 2009. Look for us on MySpace, Facebook, and Chictopia as well. And keep visiting our blog for fashion musings, pictures, updates, and more.

Stay gorgeous,
Owners, Miskabelle

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