Monday, December 15, 2014

New Ventures: Bluejay Eileen Print Shop

Seems Amanda and I can't help but have multiple creative projects (writing, photography, art...) in the works at all times.  I've been wanting to open a print shop for quite some time, but it seemed like the minute I started finally producing work, I got pregnant and too queasy to pick up a pencil.  Now that things have settled, I've finally got my new little venture up and running.  My etsy shop, Bluejay Eileen, is full of upbeat and colorful little prints--quotes and alphabets, for now.  I'm also taking custom orders!  Here's a little peek of some of the pieces from the shop...

I've struggled so long with wanting to create art work that is "meaningful" or "impact-ful" and in turn, ended up creating nothing at all for a long time.  I finally decided that I love that act of making and that it feels good to put brush/pen/pencil to paper, no matter how simple the final product is.  And this is what I've come up with.
I'll hope you'll visit Bluejay Eileen and take a look.  I'm excited to finally share!  



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