Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mixing Vintage and Modern / Designer Jeans

As you know, I love vintage, but for some pieces, it's not always the most practical choice.  For tops, dresses, shoes and accessories, vintage is a no brainer.  But when it comes to jeans, in order to find ones with the proper fit, I like to buy new.  And because denim is a daily staple (at least in my wardrobe!), I am willing to spend a bit more for the quality of designer jeans.  Once you invest in the perfect pair, you'll find yourself getting enough use out of them to make up for the larger price tag.  Here are couple ways to make the most of your designer jeans-- a casual/ daytime look and a dressy/evening look, both utilizing the same dark denim skinny jeans (I love the high rise on these ones!) from True Religion.

For day time, a soft tee and beaded moccasins look polished when paired with a perfect fitting dark denim skinny jean.  This is probably my favorite combination of vintage and modern pieces.

- Miskabelle vintage tee 
-Miskabelle vintage mocs

For an evening out, the exact same dark denim skinny jeans look flawless, paired with a silky blouse and pair of pretty pink heels with gold hardware.  This outfit is just the right amount of fancy for a dinner date or a girl’s night out.

 -True Religion Abbey High Rise Super Skinny Womens Jean 
- Miskabelle vintage blouse 
-Miskabelle vintage heels

I definitely think a pair of perfectly fitting jeans are a staple in any woman's wardrobe.  The high rise and dark wash on these ones is super flattering and has that vintage appeal that I love.  I am a firm believer that the jeans can make the outfit!  I am always sure to have a favorite pair in my arsenal that I can pull out on those days where I need something easy that I know will me feel great.  Modern denim paired with my favorite vintage pieces and I am ready to go!


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