Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Shop Preview: Pretty in (Hot) Pink

I got both of these dresses right before Valentine's Day and it was really too late to get them into the shop, but they are so gorgeous that it doesn't need to be a holiday to wear them.  Hot pink is a bold color choice for those ladies who want to stand out in a crowd...I love the silhouette of both, even though they put off very different vibes:

1. Victor Costa Silk and Velvet Peplum Dress /// 2. Early 70s Gathered Satin Party Dress w/ Bow

This is the first Victor Costa piece I've found, and it's seriously immaculate. The details kill me, especially the bodice, which looks so much like a flower.  The party dress has a layer of tulle underneath, and the bow is super-sweet. I think it would make a fantastic prom dress for a hip high schooler!

Which one's your favorite? They'll both be coming to the shop later this week!


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