Monday, March 17, 2014

Making Ends Meet

Jayme and I both work part-time in addition to staying home with our girls and running our business/blog. Jayme is an artist and I'm a writer and in our dream world, we'd be able to do only the things we absolutely love and be able to help our awesome, hard-working husbands pay the bills.

Until then, we work hard and suck it up.  We are committed to doing everything we can to provide for our families and slowly be able to do the work we love.

from our Autumn 2012 Lookbook
Why am I sharing this today? Because in the next few weeks, on the blog, we will be having a few promotions and reviews. We will only work with brands we'd actually use, and sometimes, we might get a little creative to adapt them to the blog content (but that's actually fun!). We will do our best to make the photos good and the content interesting, and if you'd like to click on a link, that would be awesome and helpful to us! But: please know we plan on keeping all the original content coming (especially outfit posts once the sun's out!), and we're just doing what we can to support our families...and our dreams!

Phew, that was so serious. Back to your regularly-scheduled silliness.


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