Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shop Preview: (End of Summer) Sandals

I know,  I know, summer is almost over and everyone is all excited about busting out their cold-weather clothes.  But I can't help but hang on to every last day of this hot weather season and enjoy it while I can!  Not to mention, we do want to look out for our lovely customers from the other side of the globe that are just gearing up for sandal season.  So, here's a preview of some sandals coming to the shop this week:

1.  red Naturalizer perforated leather wedges, size 8
2.  brown leather Cobbie flat ankle strap sandals, size 10
3.  maroon Wimzees leather slip ons, size 8
4.  black Bass ankle strap wedges, size 9.5

Coming to the shop, stay tuned!

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